Donate for window covering

From Junior Warden Steve Roger:

Attached is the design for the Window. I have tried to include many of the things T+SP stands for in addition to the Trinity Symbol: Peace, the Earth Feeding the hungry, Black lives matter, great music, the AIDS ribbon and Rainbow (as in the Christ the King window). 
Blow-up lab on Folsom St. has agreed to produce and install a full-sized (David measured 96” x 45.5”) vinyl replica for $800. This includes: $50 for photography, $350 for printing, and $400 for installation. 
To kick things off, I am pledging $200, Therefore, we need to raise an additional $600.
David informs me that the window repair will not be complete until sometime in October. This makes the effort worthwhile. I hope that we can find a permanent place in the church for the panel once the window has been replaced. If you want to donate to the window covering, please contact Senior Warden Mike Chambers at (415) 385-5962 or email Mike at [email protected] Thank you.