Trinity Center for the Arts

Trinity Church has a tradition of supporting the arts. Fledgling theater companies, Lorraine Hansberry Theater, Custom Made Theater, Multi Ethnic Theater were developed at Trinity. Theatrical productions such as “Godspell” have been staged in its sanctuary. The San Francisco Lyric Chorus was founded at Trinity where the superior acoustics and historic organ support great vocal and other musical performances. Over the years, individual artists have found a welcoming venue for showing their work.

The Imago Art Gallery provides a space for Bay Area artists to display their work. The Trinity Center for the Arts continues its commitment to the arts in San Francisco and strives to become a major site for theatrical and musical performances as well as an important venue for the visual arts.

Imago Art Gallery

Imago is an art gallery and social space dedicated to community building, social connection, and celebration of local artists and artisans.